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A Man for All Seasons, Especially Spring: David Lynch in Paris

Nadav Kander’s photo of David Lynch which appeared in the NYTimes in Style story A Moving Canvas (waiting to post!) Not to be missed: You need to visit Nadav Kander’s site www.Nadav My favorite series is the Night series. You might think of David Lynch first and foremost as […]

Naughty Girls’ Paris: Mark this on your calendar!

“The exotic Joyzelle!” – said to be “the most sensational bacchanalian revel scene ever filmed” Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Sign of the Cross” (1932). April 4th you can meet with journalist and fellow blogger Heather Stimmler Hall to learn about what Paris has to offer for naughty girls – (it’s […]

A Tale of Two Cities: Portrays a City’s Woes

In a past post, I asked whether Charles Dickens’ description of Paris during the French revolution truly reflected the same city that Ben Franklin had visited shortly before the revolution. (A good example of just how much the aristocracy could continue to remain out of touch with the constantly degenerating […]

Identified Aliens – Then and Now

The unidentified aliens in the post Abducted by Aliens were the Robot from Fritz Lang’s 1927 film Metropolis and film archivist James Card visiting the Cinematheque Francaise in the 1970s. For more about Metropolis and the dystopia it represented over the quickly approaching year 2026, you can take a look […]