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Jonathan Littell, Le Figaro’s Man of the Year

An American who has walked away with France’s top book awards for his first literary work ‘Les Bienveillantes’ written in French. Wouldn’t you think this would be making major headlines in the US? It’s not just the fact that he’s written a brilliant book but if you take a look […]

Memorable Paris Moments of 2006

1. The Versailles Gardens at sunset. Rick Steves is absolutely right. There’s no time like the end of the day to appreciate the beauty of one of France’s most visited landmarks – the Chateau de Versailles and its gardens. Thanks to Lori Bertolini’s photo, we have this captured memory. My […]

Higher Rents, More Tents in Paris

As you can see on Arno’s ‘telezapping’ video for Le Monde, the tents along the Seine River are becoming a more and more familiar Paris landscape.,11-0@2-3208,32-849662,0.html. It’s ironic in today’s news the official unemployment numbers have dropped. At the same time one of the tent dwellers interviewed on Arno’s […]