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Les Bienveillantes – Jonathan Littell

Flabbergasting. Incroyable. That an American might win the Tour de France – this doesn’t seem so extraordinary. But to receive one of France’s highest literary awards – bestowed by the highest of high: The French Academy of Literature – this should make headlines on the New York Times, The Washington […]

French Cooking: If you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen

As I was cleaning up the dishes last night after a dinner for nine at Montparnasse, I wondered if the U. S. military should seriously begin studying French organizational skills in the kitchen. “Technique! You lack technique,” Eric chided me. (you may remember, from a previous post, Eric and Lila […]

Also in Friday’s Figaro: Segolene Royal

Segolene Royal gets flak from a specialist. Yesterday’s Figaro reports that Segolene Royal has made statements about pesticides being the origin of breast cancer and OGMs having an impact on the foetus. To which a ‘specialist’ replies, Luc Multignier, an epidemiologist, specializing in these sorts of questions at the National […]