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Ringing in the New Year, 2006

What better place to ring in the New Year than Paris? If you are kicking yourself right now because you can’t be in Paris, don’t feel too bad. You’re not alone. I’m not in Paris either. But if, on the other hand, you are one of the LUCKY ones, check […]

Olympic Trivia from Rarotonga

Did you know that the modern Olympic games were revived thanks primarily to the efforts of Baron de Coubertin? According to the Rarotonga, Cook Island’s post office flyer: “Coubertin was educated in France at a military academy, but soon retired to from military life and devoted his time to promoting […]

Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas)

Just a year ago, Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s A Very Long Engagement with Audrey Tautou hit the screens, bringing World War I trenches back into the public limelight. It was fitting that Christian Carrion’s Joyeux Noel should open this past November on Veteran’s Day weekend.